Why Groobix?

Not only large companies need software to face their everyday challenges. Small and Medium Businesses and Workgroups everywhere have the same needs, but fewer resources.

Business is faster and more sophisticated than ever. Resources are scarce. Companies of all sizes face this situation daily. We all need tools to stay organized, to coordinate our work, and to have our business information at hand all the time, everywhere.

Leveraging the Web´s pervasiveness, we are able to provide your business with really useful software. We designed Groobix to be:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to learn
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Accessible through many communication tools (the web, your phone, email, and more to come…)
Simplicity and ease-of-use
To help your team achieve better results, you do not need sophisticated software, you need employees that are focused on their work. Our software gets out of the way, putting your data and your processes at the center of your people’s attention.
Embracing Technology to Compete
These days, you must embrace technology in order to compete. Groobix rapidly puts your company at the forefront of the technology game. By exploiting the web, your smart phone, your email, and other communication tools, your employees will always be in-the-loop, no matter where they might be.

Can you afford to play the “mix & match” game with your business software?
Every day, there are new services available on the web for you to try. But SMBs usually don’t have the time or resources to evaluate, choose, and implement different tools. Using applications from different vendors makes data & process integration almost impossible (and expensive), and you would have to deal with multiple logins, and learn how to use many different systems. That’s not very enticing, right?

Currently, Groobix has more than 10 different apps, elegantly integrated. Would you like to have your people working with 10+ web browsers open at the same time?

We deal with the tech stuff so You can relax and do your job

We want YOU to focus on your business. That’s the Groobix-way: we look at the latest technologies and buzz words and adapt them to your needs. This way you don’t have to be an Internet guru, or waste your valuable time on passing fads.
Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency!
In order to succeed, you must operate efficiently, sell more (and better), and have your customers happy. That is why Groobix puts its focus on your operations, making all the pieces fit together and keeping your Team in sync. To improve your operation’s efficiency, Groobix puts your everyday “Tasks” right in the centre of your business workflow, providing your team with a very simple yet extremely powerful tool to help you delegate, coordinate, and monitor the execution of everybody’s tasks.