Simple Pricing - no obligations.
Pay what you use, leave when you want

Groobix is a monthly subscription.
You can change your plan or cancel at any time.

Groobix 10 – up to 10 users


  • 10 Users
  • 10 Gbytes of Document storage
  • 2.000 emails for email Marketing
us$ 57,50/month

Groobix 30 – up to 30 users


  • 30 Users
  • 30 Gbytes of Document storage
  • 6.000 emails for email Marketing
us$ 115,00/month

Groobix XL – unlimited users!


  • unlimited users
  • Document storage - Your choice
  • # emails for email Marketing - Your choice
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Also included in every package: Unlimited records, SSL data security (the same in use by online banks), daily bakups in our servers, daily backup in your own computer and all current and future Groobix apps! (stay tuned for the new Groobix Mobile, soon to be released)

No obligations, no credit card needed at signup. When your 15 day trial period ends,
you will receive an invitation to keep using Groobix, starting at us$39.95 per month

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Can I cancel my account at any time?

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