Privacy Policy

You are the sole owner of your data

Groobix is an online system, that stores your organization data, as entered in the system by your organization's users. Groobix only stores the information entered by users in an organization, or automatically imported by their instructions. All data entered or imported following instructions of the users in an organization remains the property of the Organization and Groobix will not use or make available this information without consent of the Organization, unless requested by law.

You control who can access to your data

All data entered or imported by the users in your organization, is stored in a secure database and is only accessible to users approved by the Organization. The Organization Administrator (Administrator) will have total control of who has been invited to be an authorized user. A user name and password is required to access your organization's information stored in Groobix. It is the responsibility of you and your organization's users to keep your passwords safe. The Administrator has the responsibility to ensure that anyone who is invited to use an account belonging to his Organization has permission to view the information stored in the organization's Groobix account. Groobix, Groobix staff and partners have no access to user passwords and therefore can not access the account of the Organization or its data without receiving an invitation from the Administrator.

Groobix monitors system usage

Groobix has access and can use statistical information, such as the number of registered users, the number of transactions and billing information for billing purposes, manage the hardware and software platform, and fulfill other internal management tasks. Groobix will never access the details of any transaction entered and stored on Groobix' servers. Groobix will never access the history of use of a specific named user, unless there is a written consent/request issued by the user to assist in solving a problem or system failure. Groobix staff can access non-identifiable statistical information on the usage and volume of transactions, in order to better understand how our customers are using Groobix so we can improve the system design and/or features, and provide our users with suggestions on how to improve their own use of the system. All usage statistics are stored in a safe database, accessible only by Groobix' staff.

Your payment information is sent securely over the Internet

Groobix servers use SSL security certificates, so all data transferred between users in an organization and Groobix servers, related to payments and credit card numbers are encrypted. However, the Internet is by itself an insecure environment, so users are advised to only enter critical data within a secure environment. This means that your browser must be compatible with the encryption algorithms and standards used to securely connect with Groobix servers.

Groobix doesn't store your credit card information

If you pay by credit card, your credit card number is never stored in Groobix systems and can not be accessed by Groobix' staff, or third parties.

Groobix will give you access to your data at any time

Upon request, Groobix will provide your organization's Administrator with an export file, including all data entered by your Organization in a file format determined by Groobix. Data from the Organization can be removed definitively by Groobix 90 days after the organization has not paid for the use of Groobix or at the request of the Administrator.

Your browser stores only enough information to keep you connected

Groobix uses cookies to keep your browser session open. These cookies do not contain any information about you or the Organization and expire whenever the user closes his/her session, or closes the Web browser used to access the system.

You may choose to not participate in any email communication

Groobix sends billing information, product information, customer service, regular updates and newsletters to registered users via email. In each case, all email communications will contain clear and precise instructions on how to be removed (opt-out) from the mailing list. Groobix will immediately remove the user from these communications upon his/her request.

You are responsible to check the privacy policy of any third party Web sites linked to or from this site

This site may contain links to third party Web sites. Groobix is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content provided by these websites.

This policy may be updated occasionally

Groobix reserves the right to change this policy at any time and any amendment will be published on this website.

Please read our Terms of Service

Any use of the software available on this website is subject to the Groobix' terms of service. In case of conflict or disagreement between this Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, the Terms of Service shall prevail.

last update: June 16, 2010