Brief introduction to "Tasks" in Groobix

The main goal of Groobix "Tasks" is to let you assign things to do to you, or to other people, collaborate, and keep track of what has been done (or not!)

About "Tasks"

Tasks, are things to do at work.
Each task has many data fields. Of special interest are:
1) "Assigned to": when you assign a task to somebody, this person can get this task by email, and will find it at his/her "My To-Do List" option in the Tasks module.
2) "Done": the state of the task. It can only be modified by the person that created the task, or the person assigned to the task. Using this field, you'll be able to follow-up on every task you delegated to others.
3) "Controlled": Once you verify that a task you delegated to others has been done, you can check this option to mark this task as both done, and controlled by yourself.

1. Create / assign new Tasks

You can create new tasks from many different places in Groobix.
Visit How do I assign a task to somebody else? to learn more.

2. Work on my to-do list

This option show you all tasks you have not done.
Visit How do I work on my To-Do List? to learn more

3. Control Tasks assigned to others.

Visit How do I control the tasks I assigned to other people? to learn how to supervise the tasks you delegate to others in your team.

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