Brief introduction to the "Business Calendar" in Groobix

This module lets you store and share information about your business' important dates: project due dates, important customer presentations or events, invoice cycles, investments maturity dates, etc.

Important notice:
You most probably already use a calendar software of some kind. Groobix is not intended to replace that software. This is just a very simple, and affordable way of "sharing" important dates with your team, and having that information always available, from any computer, or any smartphone.

Components of Groobix Events

There is probably nothing in this module that you haven´t seen before: just enter the event´s name and description and setup it´s date.
You can define daily, weekly, monthly and annual repeating events, thru and end date.

As in most other Groobix' data, you can have Tasks and Comments associated with any Event.

Sharing Events

When editing and event, just choose the members of your team that you want to have access to it.

1. Click on "Shared Events" to view all your team´s calendar events that are being "Shared".
2. You can use the search box to quickly find the event info you are looking for.

Your Events

Click on "My Events" and you will be presented with a list of all the events that YOU entered in the system.

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