Can I sync my Calendar? is iCal supported?

You can easily synchronize your events with your own calendar system like Outlook, Mozilla, Apple iCal or Google Calendar. Once synchronized, you will find in your PIM program all tasks, sales activities and all kinds of events you have planned to do.

It is very easy to synchronize data with your agenda. You only need to subscribe to the System calendar once.

Go to the "Calendar" option located at the top menu of the system. Under your calendar, find the link "Sync your Calendar". Clicking on the link will open your calendar program, ready to accept the subscription to the new calendar.

About your Calendar update frequency

Depending on the characteristics of the software you use to manage your personal calendar, you can set the refresh rate you want. According to this configuration, your system data will be refreshed periodically in your calendar. If you happen to notice that there are events in your system that are not on your calendar software, just wait for it to execute this update (or do it manually if your software allows it).

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