How do I delete/remove a user from the System?

This information is valid only if you are a Groobix Administrator.

Warning: You can't remove users from Groobix!

Even though it sounds weird, there´s a reason for this limitation: you can't remove users from Groobix.

Why? because any user might have created different kinds of contents in Groobix, such as Notes, Contacts, Sales Opportunities, Tasks, etc.
If you would be able to delete this user, then it wouldn´t be possible to know who created all this information.

But you can DEACTIVATE any user

Instead of deleting users, in Groobix you just have to DEACTIVATE them.
Once a user has been deactivated, he/she won´t be able to log into Groobix again, unless you (or another Groobix Admin in your Organization) activates him/her back.

Visit Settings>My Users to activate or deactivate your users

To activate or deactivate one of your users, just click on the proper row.

Deactivating a User

1) Choose "NO" to deactivate this account.
2) Click on "Save". This user won´t be able to access Groobix again.

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