Who manages my Users? Who is my Groobix Admin?

Only your Groobix Admin can create, modify and activate/deactivate your users

The user that created your Organization´s Groobix account, is your Groobix Admin.
You can tell if you are a Groobix Admin if you have the "Settings" module at the list in the left.
Also, you should have a small padlock at the right of each module´s title.

Regular users, don´t have the "Settings" module or the padlocks.

If you are a Groobix Admin, you can make other users "Groobix Admins" too.

1) Click the Padlock in "Settings"
2) Choose your new Groobix Admin. You can have more than one.
3) Press "Grant Permissions" to save your changes.

When you grant other user with access permissions for the Settings module, you are also making him a "Groobix Admin".

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